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Why Trak-Air Is Better

The Trak-Air's lower operating costs means 1/6 of the energy consumption of a gas fryer. Plus, no cooking grease or oil expense, no increased insurance premiums, lower employee costs, and best of all, no expensive installation. It rests on the counter and plugs into either a 110 volt or 220 volt 20-amp outlet. The Trak-Air is the most affordable way to expand your menu, turn even the smallest food-service operation into full service, and most importantly, increase your bottom line.

Features & Benefits

Greaseless - Cooks without Added Grease, Oil, or Water: Healthier Cooking Method, Lower-Cost Cooking System, Can Cook Fried Foods without a Fryer, Purchase & Disposition of Expensive Oil Not Needed.

Sealed Cooking Chamber Using Hot Air: Holds Moisture in Food, Reduces Product Weight Loss While Cooking to Less Than 5%, Eliminates Need for Expensive Venting

Fries, Bakes, Broils, Steams, Crisps, & Toasts: Replaces Multiple Pieces of Equipment

Installs without Special Wiring or Plumbing: Less Expensive to Install, Makes Fried Foods Possible for Any Operator, Reduces Initial Investment for Food Service

Hoodless - Expensive Venting & Fire Suppression Not Needed: Lower-Cost Method to Produce High-Profit Foods, Makes Fried Foods Possible for Any Operator, Reduces Initial Investment for Food Service

Easy for Anyone to Use: Eliminates the Need for Expensive Cooking Labor, Training Costs Are Kept to a Minimum

Cooks a Wide Variety of Products: Gives User Ability to Expand Menu without Increased Investment, Best Flexibility of Any Cooking Equipment

Compact Size: High Dollar Return per Square Foot Used, Fits Anywhere

No Controls to Adjust: Anyone Can Be Trained to Use It, Lower Training Costs

All Stainless-Steel Construction: Highest Quality Construction, Easy to Clean & Maintain, Proudly Made in the USA

Easy to Clean: Limits Labor Costs, Anyone Can Do It

Healthy: Greaseless, No Added Fat